Devayani began composing at the age of thirteen.

Today she offers us her very personal musical style that is altogether intimate, vibrant, and passionate.

She interprets her piano works with heartfelt joy and clarity of thought. With an inner stillness, she knows how to envelope her audience in an atmosphere of deep peace and harmony, which leaves the listener with an enduring sense of well-being.

The real fountain of eternal youth. . . .

She has been performing in public concerts and private gatherings since 2004.


Réminiscence (2006) :Twelve songs, bringing together her youthful compositions. Poetry, freshness, and delicacy come together to form a moment of happiness.
Echoes (2008) : Five pieces. A more audacious step toward improvisation, the experience of an inner voyage toward the source of inspiration.
The Flight of Doves (2010) : Twelve titles taking you on an ascent, which one moment is dream-like, then tender, nostalgic, and dynamic. A kaleidoscope by a talent of multiple facets.
DouceTerreGentle Earth (2012)  gathers a selection of her latest work, with warm accents rooted in the earth in full expansion of love.
couv serendipity_optSerendipity (2015): 14 tracks which are the new steps of her luminous, vibrant and living music, each a memory of life’s gentle touch of Love. 


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