Douce Terre

Douce Terre

Discover Dévayani’s fourth Album, released November 2012. Thank you to all the women, all the men and all the children who participate with all their hearts in the evolution of the world and who contribute to sweetening life in all its forms on our precious planet.


Douce Terre 17 tracks

60 minutes of music

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Extracts from “Douce Terre”

  1. Walk With Me
  2. Parfum du Vent (Scent of a Breeze)
  3. Le Papillon Déploie Ses Ailes (The butterfly spreads its wings)
  4. Love Streams
  5. La Lumière m’a Dit (The Light told me)
  6. Elfe, je te vois (Elf, I see you)
  7. Miroir de Rosée (Reflection in Dew)
  8. Bugarach
  9. Entrelacs (Intertwinings)
  10. Douce Naissance (Gentle Birth)
  11. Le Chevalier Irisé (The Iridescent Knight)
  12. Expectative (Expectation)
  13. Mazurka des Coquelicots (Mazurka of the Poppies)
  14. Danse des Pottoks (Dance of the Pottoks)
  15. Mipam, Sur les neiges éternelles (Mipam, on the eternal snows)
  16. Soleil Levant (Sunrise)
  17. Danse Etoile, Danse ! (à Vénus) (Dance star, dance!  – for Venus)

My hands on the keys My hands on the keys My hands on the Milky Way Each note a breath Each star a spark of life. What is more natural than the desire to share? My fingers touch true fraternity when I play for All and everyone. Distance is of no importance for hearts that love each other … May my notes fly into the universe and reach the Presence, the pure Essence of our souls, our Hearts … Then will I feel Loving Then will I feel Loved…



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