A long-ago memory, coming from another life, from a dream, or from a kind of magic. The memory returns, breaking the surface, and is the beginning of a series of images and sensations, feelings, and emotions. In this whirlwind, and after some introspection, comes growth, birth, and creativity. “I Am Always There.” This is how Devayani introduces us to her universe. A surprising title for the first song of a first album. A simple phrase, but when one reflects on it, it conveys a music which surprises us by the lightness of its arpeggios and the depth of its chords—between gaiety and nostalgia, the carefree quality of youth and the profundity of experience. The Story of Pieces/Pieces of Stories Two selections for Augusta: “Augusta’s Caravan” (“La Roulotte d’Augusta”) was composed on June 26, a short time before the passing of Augusta, Devayani’s grandmother. “Every day I played for her until her spirits would rise and she would feel a bit better. The caravan is a metaphor to designate her world, her ideals, and the values that she passed on to me. This piece is nostalgic because I saw her going on alone. The caravan leaves for the road in order to go further, higher. And I’ve stayed behind, still seeing her understanding gaze in my mind. “You stay.” She was what she was—naturally, spontaneously, and simply. And she continued to progress, following her road, her path, her way in painting and singing. At the departure of the caravan, she heads toward the sun, and I stay here. Dazzled, dazed, stunned. She was suddenly gone. But . . . she is living in me, and when a ray of sunlight brushes my cheek, I hear her melody, and I know that she is humming the tune, so that I won’t forget that I am also a young daughter of the sun. . . . Joy . . . Reunion.”

Reminiscence album 12 tracks 40 minutes of music Buy the CD 20€ [nicepaypal type=”cart” name=”CD Reminiscence” amount=”20.00″ button_language=”en_US”] Download the CD 12€ [nicepaypal type=”cart” name=”CD Reminiscence” amount=”20.00″ button_language=”en_US”]

Listen to selections from this album on-line : Je suis toujours là La Roulotte d’Augusta Esperance Spirales

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