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The following are messages written by those who have attended Devayani’s concerts, including friends from around the globe. A register is made available at all of Devayani’s concerts.

piano mains

“Your music is a real God-send. It comes from another dimension. An angel composed it, and you play it so masterfully. Thanks for the mission that you have. With love and thankfulness.” Gerda

“Thanks for those beautiful musical notes, full of gentleness, lightness, strength, and energy.” Anne

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of your music! I am blessed to have experienced it!” Susan March, Portland, Oregon


“Thanks for this marvellous voyage to the land of the faeries! Bravo!” Christian

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. The music touched my heart, and the waterfall sang to my soul.” Noelle

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us. I’ll always remember the hospitality of you and your friends.” June P., Novato, California

“A magnificent concert. The notes fly like birds all around us, and even inside us, creating a beautiful sense of harmony within me.” Catherine

DSC04731“Now all I need are wings. Thanks.” Florie

“A soul of great purity,                                                               a music of great beauty,                                                       the angelic realm on earth.”

“Thank you for your divine gift. You shine!” Stephen, Berlin.

“What a joy to celebrate this day of beauty and joy with all of you. Thanks to Deva, Sarah, Jeanne, Pierre-Jean, Venus, and everyone for bringing this joy to us!” Kathleen McGowan, Los Angeles


“Wonderful! Angel play! Thank you!

“Merci beaucoup pour jouer avec votre coeur. C’était très, très belle. My French is not so good. You have a great talent and many things to say–keep playing and expressing the poetry in your heart.” Littie Elise Rau, Bloomfield, NewJersey

“It touches my soul. Thank you, beautiful angel.” Hilde

“No words–only beautiful feelings.” Winifried

“Thank you, Deva, for all the inspiration and virtuosity with which you transmit your enthusiasm, strength, and passion for the coming age.” Surya

IMG_0095“Your music is a reminder of the wordless construct of nature.
It is the soundtrack of a mind,
and the narration of the (eternal) internal.”
Patricia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Your music is a gift from God. Thank you for embracing your divine gift and sharing it with the world. May God continue to bless you.” Laura

“Your music is angelic! You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.” Ryan and Debby Couchman, St. Louis, Missouri


“It would take a poem
of verses and refrains,
of paragraphs, infinite couplets,
to hope to put into words,
the grace of these pieces
and to say how much I love them.” Claire

“A great moment of pure magic, of dreams, of tenderness. Thank you, Deva, for that beauty.” Catherine

“Going toward those immense depths, I think, took me away, and time seemed to disappear, vanish. Was I dreaming? A thousand thanks, Deva.” David

“Thanks for the light. I watched your graceful presence, and joy rushed through me. Your path was shining as it crossed my own at that moment. My whole being thanks you.” Leila

“Thanks for these moments of pleasure and relaxation. I really like rock music, but I always appreciate your concerts and also listening to your CDs at home.” Jean-Louis

“What can I write that could translate or reach the heights of what we received [in your music]. Thanks for all you have given us, and to me, also. Thanks for the example that you give to young people, as well as the not-so-young. Thanks for the courage of fulfilling your mission and nourishing our souls.” Nadine

“Your music is angelic and translates the divine harmony of the universe. Endless thanks for these musical notes of blessing and light. Continue for the greater good.” Marie

“Inspired by angels and with the presence of angels, even the birds were hushed by your magnificent concert and your beautiful aura. I felt so many beautiful emotions. Thanks from my heart, Deva. A pure and marvellous moment of happiness and fulfilment.” Lawrence

IMG_1080“You are sent from heaven! Your music is really divine and coming from another planet or star, opening doors and gates to other dimensions. God bless you for playing your music and honouring Mary Madeleine.” Gerda

“Thanks to the tree that has given us this wonderful fruit–which is Devayani. It’s a fruit that has reached maturity in order to be tasted by the whole world.” Paolo

“At the beginning, I felt scattered; I had trouble keeping my thoughts together, but as the notes and the time went on, I understood why: Your music sends the spirit soaring. It breathes wishes and creates images. Thanks so much for those intense moments.” JC, Montolieu

“Deva, what a beautiful freedom you have attained. Your music is a kind of yoga: It is with disciplined concentration and openness, as well as a heart that gives thanks, that the listener (that I am) receives your music.” Claudine Dupuy


“Deva, thanks for letting me assist in the birth of a melody this evening. It was like a child being born, brand-new into the world, warmed by love and life. It is not at all heavy, but yet it comes from the very depths of the storm, from the breaking thunder. Thanks, to a young sister in this life.” G.

“I would say that liquid crystal flows from your fingers; but more than that, words fail me. Pure love.” Atmo

“It’s like leaving time behind. A peaceful music that, nevertheless, shimmers. What a beautiful inspiration.” Saida

“What can I say besides that your music touched me with a feeling of well-being that emanated from your hands and from your pure soul. Your music can’t be classified because no-one else invented it. Bravo again, and please keep going! Congratulations.” Jessy


“Such gentleness, voluptuousness, and tenderness in this very moving music. What is there to say? At Rennes-les-Bains, there is a new spring, unstoppable, hot, even boiling. We can only listen to the flowing melody. I had difficulty distinguishing between the improvised pieces and those that were composed in advance–each was beautiful. There was a rainbow a half-hour before the concert–a sign of the happiness to come. Congratulations to you, a young lady, full of freshness and a great future.” Stephanie

“As the seed pushes toward the sky, the spring bubbles over, and the flower opens, beauty, strength, sweetness, and the harmony of life flowed from your hands into my heart. Thank you!” Beatrice B.

“Beautiful energy, tenderness, and notes that flow together in a fairy-like melody. Thanks for this wonderful moment.” Eric

IMG_0969“That the life which springs from your fingers would go on forever and with more and more strength (like the last song).” Veronique

“I had a beautiful journey and moments suspended between heaven and earth–and, all along the path, the desire to dance. I honour all that you bring and share with us.” Marc

“Thanks . . . from the bottom of my heart, for the amazing moment which took me to another dimension. I feel that I have received a healing for my soul. God bless you.” Sonia

Thank you, Deva, for this musical moment which gave me such peace, joy, and a wide place for my body and my spirit. I am happy to see such a young woman maturing and growing in her art.” Claudine

“Magnificent! Thanks for this beautiful moment outside of time and our daily concerns. A beautiful trip into the cosmos.” Aurelie


“Your music touches me. Your talent fills me with joy. I wish you every happiness and success on this path that you have chosen.” Brigitte

“A pure crystal to remind us of where we come from and how to get back to the path of light. That this beauty would touch even those with hardest of hearts, for the good of all! Thanks for this grace.” Delfine

“What an extraordinary voyage of the soul, in a grand sweep of emotion—words fail me—I have not yet returned from that far-away and unexplored place that you took me to visit, transported by the delicate sensuality of your musical notes. Your angel’s wings lighten the surroundings and free humanity from its final burdens. I hope that your poetry will always enliven us and that we will drink from the cup of the divine.” David

“Thank you for this grand experience of music which elevates our souls and vibrates through all the cells of the body.” Pascale

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“Because sound is colour, your work carries a galaxy of healing and harmony. Thanks without end, and I wish you continued success. Lux eterna!” Fa nylo

“Thank you for this dream-like experience. I travelled to Shambala.” Rose-Marie

“A brief magical spell made of notes. Thank you very much.” Julie & Martine B., age 10

“Thank you for these exceptional moments, the delicate notes, so full of emotion. Continued success!” Ariane, Isle Maurice

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