Serendipity (2015)

Thank you to all the subscribers and sponsors without whom this 5th album would not have been possible!

“Serendipity” gathers 14 tracks which are the new step of Dévayani’s luminous, vibrant, alive music, each a memory of Life’s gentle touch of love.

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Extracts from several tracks of the CD  “Serendipity” dos jaquette_opt




Life knows.

With her golden thread she weaves an invisible web behind us and before us,  through and around each one and everything.

And sudden comes the moment when life knits the final stitch in one of its infinite creations, when, for one instant, the magic constellation of our lives sparkles in reunion.

Here it is, the serendipitous point of reconnection  where the dancing threads of our lives,

through this unexpected but perfect geometry, are leading us to this same place,  on the same day,  the same tune in our hearts…

Magical encounters, miracle of the moment…  When, thinking ourselves alone life surprises us in the blink of an eye with unexpected delight which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary; 

breathing depth into the landscape, perfume into the flowers, laughter to the children,

and radiance to the stars.


Life knows.




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