Serendipity (2015)


“Serendipity” brings together 14 titles for a duration of 60 min

Piano compositions and interpretation: Devayani

"Serendipity" brings together 14 tracks that are the new breakthrough in bright, lively and vibrant music, carried by the beautiful synchronicities of life.
Life knows. With her golden thread, she weaves an invisible weft, in front of us, behind us, through everyone. And suddenly comes the key moment when life knits the last stitch of a work of its infinite creation, where for a moment the magical constellation of our united lives sparkles. This is the point of connection where the whirling threads of our lives, in this unexpected but perfect geometry, lead us to this same place, on this same day, the same note to the heart ... Magic of encounters, miracle of the moment. When we thought we were alone, now life surprises us with fantasy with winks that make banality extraordinary, infusing landscapes, perfume with flowers, laughter in children and radiance in the stars. Life knows.

Thank you to the many subscribers who made this 5th album possible!

Photo credits: Jeanne Tharrault


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