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Personal Improvisations

a music created for you

A unique experience: hear your soul singing

Feel and listen to everything that lives deep in the most intimate space of yourself, from the darkest and most vulnerable to the most intense and luminous.

Contemplate the cascade of life bubbling up inside yourself and go back to the crystal clear source of your heart.

Devayani puts her heart into expressing beyond words what your soul wishes to reveal, with great love.

A music created for you
Order a personal improvisation for you, to support a wish, a prayer. To symbolize a specific intention, to give it to someone, or for a place. For all the special moments of life …

Contact us : or +33(0) 629 64 81 40 (French Phone Number)

Practical Informations

2 possibilities : 

– At distance : Devayani remotely records improvisations for you. Just send her a few words about yourself, a photo and tell her your intention.

– In person : Dévayani will personally meet with you in a small group of 4 to 8 people and invite you to formulate your intention in a few words. She will then compose a special piece inspired by your words. This unique composition will be recorded during the session and sent to you by email afterwards.
You will also have the opportunity to hear the compositions performed for other group members. In total, the entire session lasts about 90 minutes to 2 hours.