Devayani Piano - Biography
With her musical creation, Devayani brings her audience in a luminous and lively Universe, at the origin of inspiration. Harmony and fluidity, depth and light, strength and tenderness. A feeling of well-being and freedom.

Her improvisational skills translate the energy of a place, a person, an event into a healing and invigorating music that moves and regenerates.

In her concerts, Devayani interprets her musical pieces and improvises.

In private sessions with small groups, she creates and records a piece for each participant.

Devayani Piano - Biography

As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to play the piano.
I started when I was 5 years old, with a private teacher who came to my house.

I fell in love with music so naturally, as it helped release something within me. It would bring me the peace and freedom I was looking for.
I was extremely sensitive. Putting music on my emotions was understanding them, soothing them and bringing them to a higher dimension.

I pursued learning the piano from different teachers, in a classical approach.
I entered the conservatoire but was not able to continue…

Playing music was something so intimate for me, I could not bear to be judged and ranked.
I had to play to myself, to express all of my secrets.

Devayani Piano - Biography
Devayani Piano - Biography

Then, at home I was secretly imagining stories while creating the music of my own fantasies. Stories with animals, nature, landscapes, feelings, emotions…

It used to be a game that allowed me to breath and to exist. In front of the piano, I felt home.

I started to focus on composing music after my grand-mother passed away.
She was one of my first supporters and while playing, I would imagine she was standing behind me, ready to applaud and that we would laugh together, forever. When all the pieces of music I owned were well studied, I had to create new ones.

My childhood game became a necessity as I needed to find a way to communicate with my grand-mother. She had become an Angel, I had to learn to speak their language

Devayani Piano - Biography
Devayani Piano - Biography

I sought, listened, played again and again,
felt with music because there was no word.

To feel again, to perceive at last, to touch,to communicate.

To pray, to commune.

I also needed to create because it had to be at the exact measure of those feelings and of each moment.

I had to play all the meaningful moments of my life.

Meaningful moments happen a lot when we are sensitive.
Being sensitive is a problem. Until we realize it is a precious gift,

guiding us in our self-discovery… and much more.

It is this sensitivity that taught me to communicate this way.
To express what cannot be said.To dialog with the invisible.

Devayani Piano - Biography
Devayani Piano - Biography

I feel lucky today.

Life brought me to share my research through concerts or private improvisation sessions, where I improvise a piece of music for a person, a place, an event… the same way I learned to do it for myself.

The experience to receive so much trust from people to create bridges between worlds together is a wonderful privilege.

It is always a precious gift which touches and nourishes my heart.

When people tell me they feel understood, soothed, liberated, my Life has more meaning.
… The day when you understand your personal development has meaning for many others, you understand you are not alone.

You were never alone and will never be alone anymore.

You realize you belong to the whole. You realize that when you accept to be who you are, humbly, not only you serve yourself but you also serve Humanity,
you also serve the Universe.

Devayani Piano - Biography