Reminiscence (2006)


Recorded in August 2006,

“Reminiscence“ is Dévayani’s first professional album,

12 tracks for a total duration of 40 minutes.

Piano compositions and interpretation: Devayani

"I'm still here" is how Dévayani introduced us into his world ...

A distant memory, come from who knows where, from another world, another life, a dream or a magic. It rises and resurfaces and it is the beginning of a series of images and sensations, feelings and emotions ... In this whirlwind, after introspection, comes expansion, birth, creation ...

"I'm still there", surprising title for the first track of a first album. A simple sentence and yet when you think about it ... In the end, it was this music that amazes us by the combination of the lightness of the arpeggios and the depth of the chords, between gaiety and nostalgia. The carefree youthfulness, the depth of experience. History of pieces, pieces of stories ... I am still there is the story of an angel ... He is no longer on earth, we no longer see him, but the little prince was already whispering it to us ... "the essential is invisible to the eyes "the angel whispers to us," you are sad because you no longer see me, next to you ... and yet ... you are always in my presence, I am still there. This song is dedicated to Berndt, Stania and their little boy. Two songs for Augusta. The Augusta trailer was put together on June 26, shortly before the departure of Augusta, Devayani's grandmother. "I played for her every day until she climbed a little higher. The trailer is a metaphor for her world, her ideal and all the values ​​she was able to transmit to me. The song is nostalgic because I see her move away. The trailer leaves on the road to go even further, higher. And I stay there, with her knowing gaze in mind… "Stay you". She was who she was, naturally, spontaneously, simply. And she continues to advance, following her path, her way, her way, painting, singing. This is the departure of the trailer, it goes towards the sun and I stay there. Dazzled, dizzy, stunned. She's gone now. But… She lives in me, and writes ray of sun brushes my cheek, I hear her melody and I know that she is the one who hums it to me so that I don't forget that I too am a little girl of the Sun … Joy …… Reunion… ”


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