Douce Terre (2012)


Douce Terre was released in November 2012,

17 tracks for a duration of 66 minutes

Piano compositions and interpretation: Dévayani

17 tracks to take us on a journey through the universe of Dévayani

My hands on a keyboard, My hands on the Milky Way
What could be more natural than a desire to share?
I touch the real fraternity when I play for All.
Distance does not matter for hearts that love one another ...
May my notes fly in the universe and reach the Presence, Pure Essence of our souls, our Hearts ...
Then I will feel Loved, Then I will feel Loved…


Thank you to all the women, men and children who participate wholeheartedly in the evolution of the world and who help to sweeten life in all its manifestations on our precious planet.

Photo credits: Patrick Sanchez, Bernard Champagneur


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