Augusta, le chemin du Soleil (2018)


This DVD brings together part of the work of Augusta, an inspired painter.

Devayani, her grand-daughter, accompanies the presentation of these paintings with her music.

A deep spiritual affinity links Devayani and her grandmother Augusta.

The paintings are those remained available in the circle of her relatives
Devayani was 14 years old when Augusta left us. Music became for her a calming of her heart in which she found consolation and a great source of inspiration.
In 1962, at the age of 44, when she was mourning her country - Algeria - and her suddenly deceased husband, Augusta met master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.
Then begins for her the exploration of the subtle world of the soul. After 13 years of interior work, focusing on Light and practicing rising sun meditation as envisioned by master Omraam, she discovers a new need in her: painting.
She retains great freedom of expression in that she does not primarily seek to produce artistic works. Rather, it is a means of expressing the deep energy of her soul, the impulse of which she feels every day, thus manifesting and sharing her spiritual experience through her works.
Augusta was very productive in its creation. She painted almost daily for about thirty years and donated most of her paintings. She left this world on June 26, 2002.

"La Roulotte d´Augusta" - from Dévayani's 1st album "Reminiscence" - ends this slideshow.
This piece full of tenderness accompanied Augusta in her last hours. It is an evocation of his life as Dévayani felt it, a symbol of the soul that periginates through the universe on an infinite and eternal journey.


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